Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation

Our monitoring system caters for both process and results as the two are closely intertwined. A good process must lead to a tangible result that often in it-self starts new change processes.

While looking for evidence that local institutions have become better at practising sustainable forest management or have success with introducing and selling improved cooking stoves, we also seek to monitor whether the support and interventions have led to increased feelings of empowerment and signs of whether local governments, private entrepreneurs and communities connects in new and constructive manners.

Learning, adjustments and control

Our monitoring and evaluation tools combines the aspects of learning, adjustments and control:

Learning tool: As a powerful learning tool we use the Most Significant Change approach to monitor changes in more abstract areas such as empowerment and governance. Stories told by community members are used by SustainableEnergy and our partner organisations to constantly challenge our own assumptions on how we best assist the target group. Currently we use the Most Significant Change approach to monitor perceptions within the domains of “Governance and Empowerment” and “Improved Livelihoods”

Adjustments: We conduct regular semi-annual reviews to the partner organisations and projects where selected themes are discussed and investigated more in-depth. The project reviews are a joint undertaking between HQ staff from Denmark and staff from the individual partner organisations. Based on actual findings the necessary adjustments are made to approaches, budgets and work plans.

Control: The annual reports from auditors and control of expenses is also discussed and agreed upon during the reviews. More thorough evaluations of project impacts are planned and carried out on a need basis but as a minimum takes place every two years.